Bishop Jay and Jeannine Ramirez are the founding pastors of Kingdom Life Christian Church in Milford, Connecticut.

Bishop Ramirez began his career in marketing with Eastman Kodak Company before becoming a paramedic in New York. With his leadership skills and real life experience, he soon became the Chief of Emergency Medical Services in East Texas. While serving in the medical field, he earned a Master’s degree in theology and faithfully volunteered as youth pastor and then associate pastor. After four years he responded to the Lord’s call and with his wife, Jeannine, by his side he pioneered one of the largest churches in the Northeast. This non-denominational, multi-ethnic, Christ-centered church is Bible-based and Spirit-filled, with a congregation of wonderful, loving and supportive people.

Bishop and Jeannine served as hosts for Trinity Broadcasting Network for ten years. He also produced a church program for TBN.  KLCC “Voice of Vision” broadcast aired for many years on Fox and other channels before the current “live-stream” outreach.  His radio program “The Bishop Counsel” aired for more than ten years producing over 350 original broadcasts. He has written his first book called “Welcome to the Kingdom, Manual for the True Believer.”

Bishop Ramirez has become a spiritual voice to all levels of government. Upon invitation, he has prayed over President George W. Bush, Connecticut’s Governor, Speaker of the House, local mayors and others. As an ordained bishop, Jay Ramirez travels extensively around the world and serves as overseer to a number of ministries representing Kingdom Life Network of Ministries (K-NET). In this office, he has the opportunity to meet with international and spiritual leaders and has witnessed the Christian faith being expressed through many distinct and different cultures.

He has been happily married to his wife and ministry partner, Jeannine, for over 30 years. Together they have two beautiful daughters, and one lovely granddaughter.

Bishop and Jeannine are active tennis players and motorcycle enthusiasts. More importantly, they love the Lord and His people with all their hearts.