Reaching people with the Gospel of the Kingdom and the message of Jesus Christ.

Through in-house services and programs, video and livestreaming, ministries that reach into the community, and one-on-one witnessing, many thousands can be reached with a life-changing message.

Teaching and training people to apply biblical principles in everyday life.

By combining secular strategies with spiritual principles, genuine solutions to real life issues can be found. Through pulpit preaching and teaching, Bible studies, classes, seminars, conferences, and community groups, people are taught and trained to succeed in everyday life.

Breaking down walls that seem to exist in virtually every segment of society and so often in the church as well.

Walls between denominations, races, cultures, gender, generations and economic levels create a segregation that simply does not exist in heaven. Our church is, and always will be, a congregation that demonstrates the love and diversity of God.

Restoration of health and wholeness as we fulfill the growing need in people’s lives for God’s love and the compassion of caring people.

Through the pulpit ministry and our Community Resource Center, the Word of God is teamed with professional caregivers in what has become a “Spiritual Hospital.”

Preparing the next generation to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

Over fifty thousand square feet of building space is devoted to our Children and Youth Ministries. Utilizing both contemporary and traditional methods, our kids become excited about the things of God and sharing Him with others.

Community action is another vital aspect of our church.

Jesus went into the world around Him and made a positive impact on everything He touched. We believe the church can do the same in all areas of secular society.

Networking churches and ministries in the spirit of unity for covering, fellowship, and to demonstrate the true “Body of Christ.”