Kingdom Life Network of Churches

K-NET is a family of like-minded ministries linked together bringing a demonstration of God’s Kingdom and His solutions to their communities, states, and countries. Founded upon a vision given to Bishop Jay Ramirez by God, each affiliated ministry operates in unity with the founding principles and mission of Kingdom Life Christian Church in Milford, Connecticut.

“I hope and pray that Kingdom Life continues to be built on relationship, trust, and the ongoing move of the Holy Spirit.”

Bishop Jay Ramirez

The goal of K-NET is to encourage, equip and empower ministry leaders to accomplish their God-given mission, as well, as bring accountability to their work in order to ensure that the people are served with consistency and excellence.

K-NET provides apostolic covering, spiritual guidance, ministry credentials, administrative support, and other vital resources to networked ministries.

Kingdom Life Churches

  • KLCC–Haiti
  • KLCC–Peru
  • KLCC–South Africa
  • KLCC–Namibia

Kingdom Life Network Ministries