Bishop Jay and Jeannine Ramirez are the founding pastors of Kingdom Life Christian Church in Milford, Connecticut.

Bishop Jay Ramirez and his wife Jeannine founded Kingdom Life Christian Church in May of 1991. The church was built upon a vision to proclaim and demonstrate God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. This multicultural church, old and young alike, started becoming a powerful light to the communities it serves.

Bishop Ramirez was ordained as a minister in 1987 and then as an overseer in 2001 having established a large network of churches in fifteen countries around the world and in several other states in the U.S. He and Jeannine were guest hosts for the TBN Broadcast for over 10 years and have produced a variety of television programs since 1995. In addition, he and several partners produced and broadcast almost 400 radio broadcast shows for local Christian radio.

Bishop has prayed over President George W. Bush, Connecticut’s Governor, Speaker of the House, local mayors and others in public events. He has served in numerous local boards and helped establish the Devon Revitalization Committee that helped transform a decaying area of our city. In support of this effort and due to the growth of KLCC, over twenty-five properties were purchased and renovated and continue to serve as a true example of what God can do through simple obedience. The centerpiece of the ministry is a 2,000-seat sanctuary that reflects the power of faith, the love of God, and the excellence of His character.

The church is now seeing its former children becoming its current and future leaders. This effort is intentional and designed to ensure the longevity of this church until the Lord should come. Bishop and Jeannine remain the Senior Pastors of KLCC and overseers of other ministries they still serve. To remain relevant, and avoid becoming an “old wine skin”, we must be willing to change. Methods must change but the message must remain grounded upon God’s word and His principles.

May His presence and power always be with us to navigate the years and the season of change that must surely come. We honor our magnificent past but look forward eagerly to the days ahead.