To My Dear KLCC Family, and To All Our Online Friends,

I send this message of solidarity and spiritual support during this time of crisis. We are determined to move forward as one, navigating the dangerous waters ahead, guided and protected by the very Holy Spirit who created all things and imparts the wisdom and power to transcend all the enemy throws at us. Not only will we overcome but we are going to throw back at him a wave of unity, love for one another, true ministry outreach, and supernatural health that will clearly reveal the true difference between people of faith and people of fear.

We will take every reasonable precaution doing “all we can do to stand;” there will be no reckless and artificial expressions of counterfeit faith as some advocate. Having done our part, we will then stand on the mighty shoulders of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He and He alone will never leave or forsake us. He alone knows what lies ahead. He alone has the power to heal all sickness and disease. He also knows that many souls can be saved in times of human suffering.

We are in a fallen world, reaping fallen behavior. Now is the best time I ever seen to turn our hearts fully forward Him. Now is the time TO BE THE CHURCH! I told you before I left of our elevated need for more of His Holy Spirit. Now we can see why. Surrender your head of fear for a heart of faith. Let us become carriers of His light and peace looking out for others as well as for ourselves.

Stand as one, Kingdom Life! Support one another and your church with supernatural faithfulness. God’s got this! The thief comes only to steal kill and destroy but our champion came to give us abundant life! I am so proud of all of you, especially those I’ve entrusted to lead in my absence. We are in regular touch and I fully support their wise actions so far.

Please join me in a corporate call to a diligent and unwavering prayer of faith.

I love you all.

Your Bishop