Youth Center @ 597 Naugatuck Ave.

We LOVE our ELEVATE community,
and are excited to see you ALL on Wednesdays at the Youth Center—
Doors open at 6:45!

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you’re young

but set an example for the believers in speech and conduct, in love, faith and purity  (1 Timothy 4:12).

Senior High

Our high school students enjoy powerful praise and worship, relevant teachings, dynamic small groups, and amazing fun with our pool tables, play stations, two lounges and basketball court.

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Our 7th & 8th graders enjoy age appropriate teachings, music, icebreakers, and group discussions building life-long friendships and a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

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KALOS Girls Ministry

We are KALOS strong and beautiful. Our strength comes from the Spirit of God living within us. Our beauty comes from being made in His image. We find our identity in Christ alone as we strive daily to live by the standards He set before us. We treat all men like fathers and brothers and all women like mothers and sisters for they are children of our King. We uphold each other in purity, modesty, and righteousness as we promise we hold fast to all that is KALOS. 1 Thessalonians 5:21.

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Band of Brothers Boys Ministry

We are the Band of Brothers. We fear God. We honor the King. We respect every person and treat all women as our mothers and sisters for they are daughters of our King. We will uphold the brotherhood of believers and serve the least as if they are the greatest. In all things we will set an example in our speech, in our lives, in our love, in our faith, and in our purity. We are the BAND OF BROTHERS.

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