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A sacred time; encountering the presence of God by denying the things that distract us.


  • Journey with us through the Walking with Jesus devotional and daily Bible study, reading a part of selected scripture for 40 consecutive days (including Sundays). Each day we will have a theme to engage you, a prayer to encourage you, and a question to challenge you.
  • Read along on the “Walking with Jesus” Bible Reading Plan linked directly to the YouVersion website, or download their app. Follow us on our social media platforms where we have familiar faces introducing each day’s devotion.
  • Purpose to grow closer to God during this season, both individually and as a church, devoting time each day to prayer, reading the Bible, and learning to hear God’s voice.
  • Be encouraged during the week to share your thoughts and insights with your Life Group family.
40 Day Bible Reading Plan
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  • Christian fasting is intentionally withholding something we’d normally consume for the purpose of creating space in our lives to encounter the presence of God. Such things can be food, entertainment, social media, recreation, comforts, etc.
  • We want to encourage and challenge you to audit yourself, your patterns, and your habits as to what may prove to be a distraction from you encountering the presence of God. We ask that you also consider what kind food or meal can you fast as well.
  • Questions to think about:
    • What kinds of food or drinks do I consume when I feel alone, disappointed, or sad? What food or drink do I “need to have” to get my day going?
    • How much time to do I spend on media outside of working? How much music, podcasts, audio books, radio, etc. do I consume on my commute?
    • What conveniences have I relied on, even taken for granted? How can I sacrifice some of my comforts?
  • Most importantly, however you choose to fast, do so with joy and expectation. The purpose of this season is to create space to experience the fullness of God. Be encouraged, on the other side of weakness may be a strength you have yet to discover.
Fasting Basics
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