Our Leadership


Our Presbytery is a team comprised of ordained pastors who are responsible for the care, the guiding, and the leading of our Kingdom Life community.

Lead Pastor


Pastor Marco is the man God has called to lead us forward into our future. Faithful in service and leadership for nearly three decades, always culturally relevant, personally encouraging, and intentional with every step, he has displayed the unique leadership that is needed to build on an already solid foundation.

Balancing strategy and logic with faith and obedience, he has navigated Kingdom Life through some of the most turbulent times of world history. Leading with love displayed through grace, Pastor Marco has grown from big brother to father figure.
Pastor Lauren’s drive is evident not only as a character trait but as a divine gift. Licensed in 2018 and ordained in 2023, she pairs her heart for women with a desire to see their success, and has become an example of how to balance faith, family, and femininity. Her passionate preaching encourages listeners to be real with themselves and with God, while her bold approach reminds us that God loves us all, no matter who or where we are.

Be shepherds of God’s flock

 that is under your care, watching over them—not because you must but because you are willing, as God wants you to be; not pursuing dishonest gain but eager to serve; not lording it over those entrusted to you but being examples to the flock. // 1st Peter 5:2-3

Meet our team.


Associate Pastor
Caring, compassionate, selfless, approachable, and loving, these are just a few words that describe Pastor Mike. Maybe your first introduction to him was while he led our children's ministry, maybe it was as a young couple preparing for marriage, maybe it was in a personal counseling session, or maybe it was from the pulpit but wherever you’ve met Pastor Mike you've experienced some of the best parts of our ministry personified.

Ordained in 1996, Pastor Mike has served Kingdom Life leading from not only his heart, but from the heart of God. Sharing messages of hope and unity, he uncovers scripture to the hearers with the knowledge of a scholar and the heart of a shepherd.

Scott Marlow

Associate Pastor
Ordained in 2002, Pastor Scott is a man who leads from his heart, serving wherever the need is. He has led our youth ministry, cared for our children and the volunteers who serve them, mentored men in our men's ministry, even manned the grill during cookouts. Not just in the public eye but along with countless personal interactions, he has been a standard of consistency in faith, integrity, and character.  

On Sundays he can be found greeting you before you walk through our doors, so be sure to give him a smile, a thumbs up, or a wave and let him know how much you appreciate his dedication and service to you, his church family.

Dave Thomas

Associate Pastor
Since his ordination in 2005, Pastor Dave has been a model of Kingdom living. Starting with his marriage and fatherhood, then to the areas of leadership he has presided over: Choir Director for both youth and adults, as well as overseeing the Men's Ministry.
His gift for loving and serving God's people is most evident during hospital visits, while officiating funerals, and joining couples in marriage. No matter the situation you can count on Pastor Dave to show up with an encouraging word and a joyful spirit.

Manny Cintron

From his first introduction to Kingdom Life, to the unbelievable way he merged the church he was pastoring and joined with us, to leading an area of ministry that has been a personal passion well before the opportunity presented itself. There have been many roads that Pastor Manny has traveled and we're glad they all lead him here.

Licensed in 2005 and ordained in 2023, he serves as the man behind the scenes for all our productions. If you've streamed a service live, listened to our podcast, or marveled at the lights, camera, and action in person, it's Pastor Manny and his team that make what you see come to life.

Jason Thomas

Since joining Kingdom Life as a teenager, Pastor Jason has been an integral part of our praise and worship team. Whether arranging sets or writing original music, he and his team have been consistent in providing an environment where all people can experience the presence of God.
From his licensing in 2015 and ordination in 2023 we've had the pleasure of watching Pastor Jason's preaching gift grow. Inspired by personal experiences and rooted in scripture, he uses a conversational style to challenge and provoke all hearers to discover the Holy Spirit for themselves and the evidence of His fruit.

Brandon Kellum

Leading from the heart of a servant,
Pastor Brandon has been a constant for years with our children, youth, and young adults. Today he leads a vibrant prayer ministry, disciples those newest to the faith, and connecting and enriching our church family to create friendship and belonging.
Since his licensing in 2018 and ordination in 2023 Pastor Brandon has continued to grow, teaching with humor and cultural relevance to meet the hearer where they are, and bringing truth whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Sandy Vargas

There are only a handful of people who have been with our ministry from its beginning 30 years ago. Fewer still is the number of people who made that commitment as a teen and are now raising their teens within this very ministry – Pastor Sandy is one of the few.

Licensed in 2018 and ordained in 2023, Pastor Sandy brings forth her passion for worship and desire to equip teens for the world that awaits them. Using media, pop culture, current events, music, games, gatherings, conversations, texts - any means necessary - she shares the heart of scripture. Nurturing when needed, correcting when it's called for, but always in love.

TJ Niglio

With a passion for truth, Pastor TJ is an example of what Jesus told us when He commissioned us to go into all the world and make disciples. Brilliantly he has used his character and discipline to lead both in our church and on the job.
Since licensed in 2018 and ordained in 2023, Pastor TJ was set apart for ministry, blending facts and figures with faith, introducing the Gospel through logic and reason. He never backs down from the tough questions and keeps a compassionate heart toward the hearer.

terry fonseca

Collaborating benevolence efforts that extend far beyond food distribution, supplies, and disaster relief, to being integral in birthing our intercessory prayer team and shaping it into what it has become today, Pastor Terry is a force to be reckoned with in our church and community.

Licensed in 2022 and ordained in 2023, her wisdom, discernment and prophetic insight are evident strengths both as a mother and as a leader. She is compassionate, patient and authentic with a generous spirit who consistently gives of herself for us and others. Most importantly she's faithful, trustworthy and a dearly esteemed friend in this house.