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Call: (203) 877-5464
Text: 475-255-7744
Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm
Closed Monday
Bishop Jay Ramirez | Founding Pastor
203.877.5464 x10

Sara Perez | Office of the Bishop
203.877.5464 x10

Marco Palumbo | Lead Pastor
203.877.5464 x18

Grace Vargo | Bookkeeper
203.877.5464 x13
Manny Cintron | Minister, Media
203.877.5464 x31

Kingdom Kids Children's Ministry
AMPed Pre-teens, Special Needs

Sandy Vargas | Minister, Youth
203.877.5464 x19

Bruce McDowell | Assistant Youth Director
203.877.5464 x22
Anna Buonantony | Properties Manager
203.877.5464 x23

Michael Bulkley | Associate Pastor, Pastoral Care
203.877.5464 x17

Terry Fonseca | Minister, Pastoral Care Administrator
203.878.7729 x32

Brandon Kellum | Minister, Connect
203.877.5464 x25

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